Splendid Isolation EP

by The Chrysanthemums

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Robyn Gibson
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Robyn Gibson Welcome back!
It's a very very fine E.P. indeed. Looking forward to the album. (your old drummer is still available for any overdubs, harmonies or invisible ocarina of you're missing some final ingredient..) X
Riley ELF
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Riley ELF It's good to hear new material and I look forward to the album. Favorite track: Splendid Isolation (The Sexual Confusion Of Velma Dinkley).
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    Three mixes from the Chrysanthemums' forthcoming release, Decoy For A Dognapper – a 90-minute concept album based on the Scooby-Doo episode of the same name. The album is scheduled for Summer 2020 and will feature different mixes of these tracks.
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Incarcerated in the back of this old camper van Unscrambling all of those mysteries and master plans But when the day is done It's a Corby trouser press in a hotel room for one Splendid isolation, when it’s better on your own Splendid isolation, soprano or a baritone Splendid isolation, don’t hate everyone around me Splendid isolation, well, some of them maybe And as for matters of the heart I simply haven’t got a clue I don’t know how I feel or where to start or what to do Body chemistry Boys might make me feel warm inside, but sometimes so does Daphne Splendid Isolation, I will keep myself in check Splendid Isolation, a tomboy in a turtleneck Splendid Isolation, speaking metaphorically Splendid Isolation, I’m a car wrapped round a tree
Mexicans 03:19
Our focus group has made its report There are concerns that you need to address The apache never wore war paint And that's not an authentic headdress The old man yawned and scratched his head “You know you people make me retch when you talk about branding In retrospect the red man should have fought you motherfuckers till the last man standing” Our lawyers say you can't use the name Geronimo You'll have to cease and desist Come on Chief Thundercloud, get off your pony You know you don't really exist The old man fixed him with a stare Said: "You're not really there, or you might be Mexicans I'm going to fight your lawyers and your focus group to death Yeah, I think they're probably Mexicans"
No sign of that show dog anywhere on this train There's just that ugly-looking great dane You're quite convincing but you won't win me round Because you're a substitute for another hound You are the tramp, now what did you do with the lady? The switch, as you call it, will not be changed The switch, as you call it, will not be changed At lunch you were a little bit pushy but it's not your fault That fuss when you asked the Englishman to pass the salt... you said My favourite dog food, you can't beat it, Did you know a million Mexican dogs eat it? You know what they say - a million mexicans can't be wrong The switch, as you call it, will not be changed The switch, as you call it, will not be changed The switch, as you call it, will not be changed The switch, as you call it, will not be changed That would be a little outside our range, The switch, as you call it, will not be changed


SO HERE'S THE STORY. Inactive for two decades, in 2017, the Chrysanthemums – Alan Jenkins and Yukio Yung (or Terry Burrows as he occasionally likes to call himself) – joined a conversion about themselves on an American fan's Facebook page. Gentle cajoling to record some new pop songs quickly escalated. Many of the Chrysanthemums' past ideas had come from Jenkins and Burrows riffing, trying to “out-stupid” one another – exchanges that gave birth to such lo-fi epics as 'Is That A Fish On Your Shoulder Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?' or their acclaimed sophomore effort, 'Little Flecks Of Foam Around Barking'. On this occasion, what began with a non-committal agreement to “maybe do something” developed at some pace, passing through the predictable “Twenty-minute prog rock EP with contrasting movements and complex shifting time signatures?”… then onto “Only if it’s a concept album” … and, of course, “I’ll do it, but only if the concept is based around Scooby-Doo.“ Discussions concluded with a firm agreement to record a concept album based around a single episode of Scooby-Doo, one from 1969 (episode five of the first ever series) called ‘Decoy For A Dognapper’. Most sensible people probably would have left it there. In truth, it’s doubtful that even Alan and Terry thought it would go any further. And then something unexpected happened. They both watched the ‘Decoy…’ episode on YouTube and began writing songs. And they carried on writing. And writing. And writing. A. Lot. Of. Songs. Within three or four months a twenty-minute episode of a children’s cartoon TV show from the late 1960s had blossomed into nothing less than a grand-scale rock opera, one, indeed, that at almost 90 minutes in length would struggle even to fit on the obligatory double vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve ... preferably designed by Roger Dean. So let's fast-forward to March 2020. What's happened since? The ‘Decoy For A Dognapper’ album is almost finished and ready for release. And now the world as we know it approaches total collapse. So as we self-isolate and socially distance ourselves, the Chrysanthemums would like to offer this little three-track taster EP. Think of it as your jolly soundtrack to the imminent zombie apocalypse.


released March 20, 2020


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The Chrysanthemums England, UK

“The very definition of ‘cult favourites’, the Chrysanthemums are the sort of group who inspire loyalty among a small band of admirers while remaining entirely below the radar of the public at large ... few bands walk the knife's edge between accessibility and impenetrability so well.” [Stewart Mason, AllMusic] ... more

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